Thursday, June 15, 2017

Metacaulk Firestopping Pass Thru Devices

Metacaulk® Pass-Thru Devices
are pre-firestopped and are
designed to allow electrical, data
or communication cables and pipes
to penetrate fire-rated floors and
walls. They consist of a square or
round section steel sleeve which
contains intumescent material.
When exposed to heat, intumescent
materials expand to form a insulating
char plug which restricts the spread
of flame, toxic gases, smoke and
water. Each device is supplied with
2 end plugs which are inserted
after the cable or pipe has been
installed to reduce smoke leakage.
The devices have an excellent “L” air
leakage rating The devices can be
opened for easy installation, retrofit
or removal of cables. The devices are
installed using specially designed
mounting brackets which clamp onto
the device and require no additional
attachment to the wall or floor. 
Here are several images of Metacaulk Pass Thru Devices

We are a stocking distributor located in Maryland. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Foam 2 Foam Adhesive

Foam 2 Foam, what is it, where do you use it?

   Most anyone who has done any renovations regardless of their skill level, at some point in time has used expandable foam to seal doors, windows, holes to keep out insects, cold weather and moisture. Home owners know this as an expandable foam that seals and insulates. Renovators and DIY know the one other characteristics is that it is EXTREMELY sticky. If you have ever gotten foam on your fingers, it is darn near impossible to get off. Once this foam dries, it becomes hard.

    It is the sticky nature of the expandable foam that professional contractors began using it to glue
construction materials together. This has become the preferred method to adhere dissimilar materials
that require a strong lasting bond that is not affected by moisture or temperature swings.

If you need to buy any Foam 2 Foam, you can go here Foam 2 Foam. Buy a case of 12 and we will give you a free application gun.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

EIFS Fastener Depth Stop

Do you Install EIFS wall systems? Then you are familiar with using a special tool called a depth stop. The depth stop is a metal adjustable driver that sets the screw fastener at a constant predictable depth so all your washers are set and sealed properly. That was the good news.The bad news is that periodically, the manufactuer stops making it. We don't understand why but several times we have had to remove the depth stop form our website. The better news is that they are back and in stock. We would suggest that you stock up on them  as there is no other tool available
that does what the depth
stop does.  Buy now while they are still in  stock EIFS Fastener Depth Stop  1-855-832-8453

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Intumescent Pipe Collars

Intumescent Pipe Collars are prefabricated for through-penetration firestop systems using PVC, CPVC, ABS, PVC foam core, ABS foam core, FRPP, PEX pipe and Electrical Cable. Designed to reduce installation time by 25% and the simple locking mechanism insures easy installation. Metacaulk® Pipe Collars are economical because no backfill is usually required. The pipe collars intumesce meaning that when a fire happens, the piping will melt away and the  collar will quickly expand to fill the hole preventing fire and smoke from spreading. Click on the following link for pipe collar pricing and available sizes. Click the link now to see our amazing prices. These are in stock and ship out same day. Intumescent pipe collars
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Carve 360 Cordless Hot Knife


Ebuildingproducts is proud to introduce the CARVE360™ Cordless Hot Knife.  It’s designed to handle the rigors of everyday use on a professional job site with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supplies 36 volts of long lasting power.  No cumbersome power cord means you have the flexibility to move in any direction without worrying about getting tangled up or being able to reach your target.
  • Includes a 4" and 6" blades.
  • Hard plastic storage case and blade cleaning brush.
  • It ships with two Lithium-ion batteries that reach full charge in just over an hour ensuring users won’t have any costly down time.
  • A custom blade adapter is included with the tool, making it easy to use all of Demand Products’ hot knife accessories and blades.
  • The variable heat control feature allows users to dial in the exact heat setting needed to work with a variety of foam materials. 
  • The CARVE360™ heats up instantly every time.
  • Weighing in at just 37oz.
  • The ergonomically designed cordless hot knife is comfortable for daily use.
With its flexibility, durability and dependability, the CARVE360™ Cordless Hot Knife is sure to become a favorite in every worker’s toolbox. Follow this  link Carve 360 Hot Knife

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Glow in the dark safety tape and signage

Ebuildingproducts has recently added a new product to our store. We are proud to announce that we are now a distributor for Jalite . Jalite is a manufacturer of Photo- Luminescent safety products which includes self stick emergency escape route marking take and glow in the dark emergency exit signs.

What is Photo-Luminescence ?

Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) is light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons (electromagnetic radiation). It is one of many forms of luminescence (light emission) and is initiated by photoexcitation (excitation by photons), hence the prefix photo-.[1] Following excitation various relaxation processes typically occur in which other photons are re-radiated. Time periods between absorption and emission may vary: ranging from short femtosecond-regime for emission involving free-carrier plasma in inorganic semiconductors[2] up to milliseconds for phosphorescent processes in molecular systems; and under special circumstances delay of emission may even span to minutes or hours.

You can find photoluminescent products everywhere: from the stars adorning your childhood bedroom to the emergency exit signs in buildings.
These all owe their eerie glow to phosphors – a type of chemical that absorbs energy and re-emits it as visible light. Zinc sulphide and strontium aluminate are two of the most commonly used phosphors for photoluminescent ink as they re-emit energy over a long period. They can be mixed in with plastics or ink to create glow in the dark stars or prints.
When you shine light on a glow in the dark object, the incoming photons (packets of light) excite the phosphor molecules. These molecules release the energy they’ve stored slowly by giving out photons, creating a dim glow.
Different phosphors release energy at different rates – the slower they release energy, the longer they will glow.
Why is glow in the dark stuff green?
Glow in the dark pigments can be produced in many colors. The human eye is however most sensitive to green light, meaning that green glow in the dark stars appear brighter and so are generally favored by manufacturers. This is also why night vision goggles typically color things in green.

 Now that we know how glow in the dark products work let me give you a couple of images and links to several of the products Ebuildingproducts is proud to offer.

Fire Extinguisher SignsGlow in the dark Fire Extinguisher Sign   Fire Hose Signs Glow in the dark Fire Hose signage

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Friday, January 27, 2017

OVAL Fire Extinguishers from OVAL Brand Products for sale


     OVAL Brand oval shaped fire extinguishers and cabinets now available at E

   A gentleman named Kevin Kozlowski invented this fire extinguisher. After many prototypes and tests, he finally succeeded. 

   Because of the unique oval shape and shallow 3inch depth of the Oval Brand fire extinguisher, a recessed cabinet is not needed to comply with ADA, AODA, ANSI, ICC, and ISO protruding object limits. However if cabinets are desired, choose any 12 inch width x 27 inch height cabinet from the catalogs of the manufacturers of fire extinguisher cabinets and ask for the “Oval” option. 

Go here to buy the OVAL Brand Fire extinguishers
We will also be selling the Oval fire extinguisher cabinets.  

Oval Fire extinguishers are only  3 1/2 inches deep and can be installed in a standard  2 x 4 wall.  

 Visit our youtube video OVAL fire Extinguishers
    The OVAL finish has a durable, environmentally-conscious powder coat finish. Stainless steel and anodized aluminum components are rust-proof and attractive.
Proprietary innovation. Constructed of tempered space-age metals. Nearly dent proof. Tough, elegant, and corrosion free. Easy to service and recharge.

  The OVAL Extinguishers are available in three models. The 10 JABC is best suited for hanging in an OVAL Fire Extinguisher Cabinet. The 10 HABC is best used as a surface mounted extinguisher with Proprietary hook.
And the  10 HPKP designed for use in Kitchens.

 OVAL Brand oval shaped fire extinguishers and cabinets now available at E
OVAL Brand Fire extinguishers

When it comes to fire extinguisher innovations, OVAL is the new round.