Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Karp Concealed Access Doors

 Hello. I just  created a PDF  Flipbook for all the  Karp Associates concealed access doors.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Oval Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

This is a post about the new low profile ADA compliant fire extinguisher cabinets and where to buy them. There is also a link to buy the Oval Fir Extinguishers. Enjoy....
This Orbit Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Features a Low Profile Tub to Accommodate the Orbit FE10V Fire Extinguisher as well as the  new  Oval Fire extinguisher. Select from a Recessed Model to Fit Into a 3 5/8” Stud Wall or a Surface-Mount Version. Both Styles Meet the ADA 4” maximum requirement for protruding objects.
Door and Trim Construction: Flush cabinet doors with a 5/8" door stop are attached by a continuous hinge and equipped with zinc-plated handle and roller catch. Doors with glazing have clear acrylic glazing.
Finish Choices:
  • Powder-coated Steel
  • # 4 Satin Stainless Steel
  • US 10 Satin Bronze
  • US 3 Polished Brass
  • # 180 Clear Anodized Aluminum

Door & Trim Construction: Cold rolled steel with white powder-coated finish, anodized aluminum, stainless steel with # 4 finish, US3 polished brass or US10 satin finish bronze. Flush cabinet doors with a 5/8” door stop are attached by a continuous hinge and roller catch. Recessed models are equipped with zinc-plated handle and surface mount have flush pull handle. All models have 1-3/4” wide trim on frame and 1-1/4 trim on doors with glazing. Doors with glazing have clear acrylic glazing.
Trim Style & Depth: Recessed - Flat 3/8” Trim.  Surface Mount - 4” total depth for ADA compliance.
Tub: Constructed of cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish standard. Extinguisher rests on a 1” high shelf.

Here is a link to view the submittal data sheet Oval Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Here is alink to buy Oval Fire Products Ebuildingproducts  use search term "Oval".

Saf-T -Lok explanation Saf T Lok

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

OVAL low profile fire extinguisher

We are excited to introduce a new low profile Fire extinguisher. The OVAL Brand Low Profile Fire Extinguishers are revolutionary in their design as they have solved several problems that have been an ongoing problem for many years. Oval Brand is the only fire extinguisher which always complies with the ADA, ICC and the IFC protruding object requirements when surface mounted. Due to its slim design, it can easily fit into a standard 2 x 4 wall without using a semi-recessed or surface mounted extinguisher cabinet. Flush cabinets are now always an option. When surface mounted with its proprietary hook, it only protrudes 3 1/2 inches from the wall making it blind, low-vison and wheelchair friendly. It also has a proprietary hook making it almost impossible to knock it off the wall.
Cabinets are optional due to the unique flat shape and shallow depth of the Oval Brand fire extinguisher; a recessed cabinet is not required to comply with ADA, AODA, ANSI, ICC, IFC and ISO protruding object limits. 
The OVAL Extinguishers are available in three models. The 10 JABC is best suited for hanging in an OVAL Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, also available at https://www.ebuildingproducts.com  The 10 HABC is best used as a surface mounted extinguisher with Proprietary hook.  And the 10 HPKP (Purple K) designed for high-performance use on Class B & C fires.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Karp Concealed Access Doors

Concealed Access Doors are the latest trend in construction. Architects and building owners like the new look of concealed seamless access doors where you can hardly see them without knowing where they are installed.

What makes an access door appear to disappear ?  Make it with the same materials as the ceiling it is being installed in, gypsum.

Currently there are two methods to achieve this stealth-like invisibility. You can have a gypsum drywall insert  or make the door out of gypsum and fiberglass.

Insert model RDW. This style is recessed to accept a 5/8 inch piece of drywall. The drywall
should be attached with drywall adhesive and 1.25 inch self drilling drywall screws. RDW Data Sheet Submittal

Insert model RDWPD is an improved version of the RDW as it has the  5/8 inch drywall installed by the factory. This makes for a faster and cleaner install. The door is secured by screwdriver latches.
RDWPD Data Sheet Submittal

Insert model RDWPD with touch latch. A touch latch is a latching devise where all you need to do to open the door is simply push on the door and it will unlatch and swing down.

Insert model  KAD model. This is a door with  the 5/8 inch drywall insert factory installed and it has a touch latch. The frame is made of Aluminum and the door can be removed for maximum clearance.

Gypsum model FG This is Karp's version of the GFRG which stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. Other manufacturers call it "Seamless Access door and Stealth Access door. These ceiling access door are made of a blend of gypsum and fiberglass fibers.   Karp FG Data Sheet Submittal

Gypsum model FGH This is a hinged version of a GFRG access door for walls.

Gypsum model FG with  square corners

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Metacaulk Firestopping Pass Thru Devices

Metacaulk® Pass-Thru Devices
are pre-firestopped and are
designed to allow electrical, data
or communication cables and pipes
to penetrate fire-rated floors and
walls. They consist of a square or
round section steel sleeve which
contains intumescent material.
When exposed to heat, intumescent
materials expand to form a insulating
char plug which restricts the spread
of flame, toxic gases, smoke and
water. Each device is supplied with
2 end plugs which are inserted
after the cable or pipe has been
installed to reduce smoke leakage.
The devices have an excellent “L” air
leakage rating The devices can be
opened for easy installation, retrofit
or removal of cables. The devices are
installed using specially designed
mounting brackets which clamp onto
the device and require no additional
attachment to the wall or floor. 
Here are several images of Metacaulk Pass Thru Devices

We are a stocking distributor located in Maryland. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Foam 2 Foam Adhesive

Foam 2 Foam, what is it, where do you use it?

   Most anyone who has done any renovations regardless of their skill level, at some point in time has used expandable foam to seal doors, windows, holes to keep out insects, cold weather and moisture. Home owners know this as an expandable foam that seals and insulates. Renovators and DIY know the one other characteristics is that it is EXTREMELY sticky. If you have ever gotten foam on your fingers, it is darn near impossible to get off. Once this foam dries, it becomes hard.

    It is the sticky nature of the expandable foam that professional contractors began using it to glue
construction materials together. This has become the preferred method to adhere dissimilar materials
that require a strong lasting bond that is not affected by moisture or temperature swings.

If you need to buy any Foam 2 Foam, you can go here Foam 2 Foam. Buy a case of 12 and we will give you a free application gun.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

EIFS Fastener Depth Stop

Do you Install EIFS wall systems? Then you are familiar with using a special tool called a depth stop. The depth stop is a metal adjustable driver that sets the screw fastener at a constant predictable depth so all your washers are set and sealed properly. That was the good news.The bad news is that periodically, the manufactuer stops making it. We don't understand why but several times we have had to remove the depth stop form our website. The better news is that they are back and in stock. We would suggest that you stock up on them  as there is no other tool available
that does what the depth
stop does.  Buy now while they are still in stock EIFS Fastener Depth Stop  1-855-832-8453


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