Thursday, March 11, 2021

Rectorseal Metacaulk Firestop On Line Store

 Today's post is all about Metacaulk intumescent firestop putty .

Our first product is  the putty stick model 66345 by Rectorseal. Metacaulk® Intumescent Putty Sticks is a moldable non-curing one component fire-rated material for through-penetration firestop systems.  Metacaulk® Putty will intumesce when heated, forming an insulating char.  In the event of a fire, Metacaulk® Putty will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, gas, and water through penetration openings.  Metacaulk® Putty is applied by hand.  Mixing is never required and no special skills are necessary for installation.  

Metacaulk® Putty is rated for up to 3 hours in accordance with the ASTM E 814. UL 1479 and ULC/CAM4-S115M test standards.

Various Applications

  • Metal or Non-Metal Electric Boxes
  • Small Openings
  • EMT Pipe
  • Steel, Conduit, and Cabling (Telephone,  Power, Communications)
  • Possesses intumescent properties; expands when exposed to fire.
  • No Volatile Solvents, which makes it particularly useful when installing in confined spaces or occupied areas
  • Does not have Asbestos Fillers
  • A single component putty system; no mixing necessary and no required additives
  • DOT Classification is not regulated
  • Applied by hand
  • Easy to install
  • Adheres to all common building common surfaces.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) 60
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Fire Rated Putty Stick Product Information

Product CodeSizeQuantity Per Case
18 Cubic Inches

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

PVC Trim Pieces and Accessories for Construction

 This post is about the Plastic PVC trim pieces used in commercial construction to give the interior and exterior a finished look.

The manufacturer we represent is located in Miami, Fl and is called Plastic Components. They make over  700 line items that are made to the industry's highest standards and are certified by ITS and Warnock- Hersey. Below are some of their most popular products. 

The exterior of commercial buildings are insulated and finished in several different methods .

1. EIFS-   See detailed explanation here

The following is a small selection of Plastic Components line items we sell for EIFS building systems

Reveal Intersections provide an Architectural Flair   Link to purchase Reveal Trim

Available in 3/8 inch to 4 inch reveal in choice of Cross, T, Inside Corner, outside corner, angle, End.

  Corner Bead -  Link to buy Corner Bead

Available from 1 1/2 inch to 4 inch wings

2 Piece Soffit w/ 90 Degree Leg-  Link to buy Soffit

Available in 2 5/8 to 6 inch vented area for  1/2 inch to 3/4 inch sheathing.

Ultra Lath Plus- Link to buy Ultra Lath Plus
1/4 inch Self furred Plastic Lath available in Rolls, Sheets and Strips

Extreme Moisture Starter Trac Link to buy Extreme Moisture Starter Trac

 All pieces are  3 inches tall with 1 to 3 inch bottoms

Visit Ebuildingproducts for a full line of Plastic Components PVC trim
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Monday, November 9, 2020

FF Systems F2 Access Door with Factory Applied Drywall Insert

   FF systems is the newest Access Door Manufacturers to enter the scene. They started manufacturing access doors in 2003 and have grown internationally ever since. What sets them apart from their competition is their cutting edge technology and innovative design sought out by contractors and Architects worldwide. The reason is simple, simple easy open touch. all you have to do is push the door to open and close. 

Here is a photo of the push to open touch latch

Here is a photo of their model F2DF with a drywall bead frame installed on  a job

The door comes with a factory installed 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch drywall installed. All the installer has to do is screw the door in place and mud in the drywall bead frame. The construction of the door is made of aluminum so it is great for areas with moisture such as restrooms. The door on model F2 is removable and has a safety chain for mounting a ceiling. 

Below is an image of their model F2AK which has an exposed aluminum frame
All FF system doors can also be fitted with optional locking options such as security , mortice lock, cylinder lock. 

All these options are available at our on- line store F2DF,  F2AK



The most impressive reason people buy FF Systems. They are way cheaper than the competition and they are made in the  USA!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Roof Hatch Safety Railing System

 Roof Hatches are an essential part of commercial buildings to maintain rooftop equipment. 

Thousands of employees are injured every year due to accidental tripping over roof hatch curbs or misstepping down the roof hatch ladders.

Most of these accidents could be avoided if all roof hatches had a safety rail system.

Ebuildingproducts sells a great retrofit safety rail system. 

It is made of 1 5/8 inch galvanized steel tubing that can be bolted around most brands of roof hatches,

It is field installed, and you do not need to be certified, perfect for building owners. It is painted a bright yellow for safety. It comes in 5 different standard sizes but can also be custom made. 

Go here to view and purchase the Roof Hatch Safety Rail System.

Let us help you at 1-855-832-8453 or go to ebuildingproducts and search for other Roof Hatch Safety 


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

STC-64 Acoustical ( sound absorpting) access door by Ebuildingproducts


The  STC-64 is a state of the art access door make by Karp that has the highest sound absorption that is perfect for noisy environments.

Karp is pleased to introduce our newly redesigned STC-64 Acoustical Sound Rated Access Door. It is designed to reduce sound transmission and contain noise associated with mechanical systems and environmental noise. The STC-64 is the perfect door when you have sound issues in Hi Rise residential buildings, schools, hospitals and judicial setting. Karp’s redesigned STC access door was tested to exacting standards such as ASTM E1332, E90, and  E413.

The STC-64 is available in standard sizes of

12 x 12

14 x 14

16 x 16

18 x 18 

24 x 24  and  36 x 36

Go to our store to purchase   STC-64

STC 64 Acoustical Karp Access Doors

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Monday, July 6, 2020

GFRC access doors

What is a  GFRC access door?  It is a fiberglass reinforced cement door. These are weatherproof exterior doors.

GFRC  click here to view. These doors are custom made and can be made for walls or ceilings. They can be made in with radius corners or square corners. Ceiling doors are typically a drop in style. Wall doors will have a hinge and lock.

A product data sheet is also available at the link above.

These doors are proudly made in the USA with  the highest standards.

Please  email us with your size requirements.

Thank You

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Academy Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Today's post is about the Academy Aluminum fire Extinguisher Cabinet by JL Industries. 

The Academy fire extinguisher cabinet is an aluminum fire rated cabinet available in a multitude of configurations including surface mounted, semi recessed and fully recessed. It is available in a fire rated option and has up to 13 glazing options.
The tub will be white powder coated steel unless it is a surface mounted tub, where it will be clear anodized aluminum. 
This JL Industries fire extinguisher is available at Ebuildingproducts.

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