Monday, July 6, 2020

GFRC access doors

What is a  GFRC access door?  It is a fiberglass reinforced cement door. These are weatherproof exterior doors.

GFRC  click here to view. These doors are custom made and can be made for walls or ceilings. They can be made in with radius corners or square corners. Ceiling doors are typically a drop in style. Wall doors will have a hinge and lock.

A product data sheet is also available at the link above.

These doors are proudly made in the USA with  the highest standards.

Please  email us with your size requirements.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Academy Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Today's post is about the Academy Aluminum fire Extinguisher Cabinet by JL Industries. 

The Academy fire extinguisher cabinet is an aluminum fire rated cabinet available in a multitude of configurations including surface mounted, semi recessed and fully recessed. It is available in a fire rated option and has up to 13 glazing options.
The tub will be white powder coated steel unless it is a surface mounted tub, where it will be clear anodized aluminum. 
This JL Industries fire extinguisher is available at Ebuildingproducts.

Call 1-855-832-8453 for more information. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Radon Firestop Collars

Firestop Collars for the Radon Industry.
Ebuildingproducts stocks and sells Intumescent Firestop collars for the Radon mitigation  industry.  We stock 3 inch and  4 inch. Our prices are great and we do not charge any freight on orders over $300. Ship ship same day. Firestop collars. Call 1-855-832-8453.
we are located on the east coast.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Roof Hatch supplier

Roof Hatch access door. 

Are you a general contractors in search of a roof hatch?
We can help!
We stock  and sell 30 x 36  made by Karp Associates.
These roof hatches are available in aluminum as well as galvanized steel. 

KRHG Galvanized Karp Roof HatchModel KRHA is aluminum and model KRHG is galvanized. Karp's Roof Hatches now maintain heavy gauge stiffeners for added support and stability along with an increased gauge of aluminum for greater durability and strength. The exterior handle has been replaced with a push-button lock release located on the front side of the cover, shielded from environmental elements to prevent water accumulation and leakage. All gasket has been replaced with new wider and more durable gasket to maximize the door/curb seal and ensure a watertight closure. All edges have been rounded for improved safety. Advanced assembly method allows for reduced welding blemishes

Go to KRHA to buy an aluminum roof hatch. Please call for pricing
          KRHG to buy a galvanized roof hatch. Please call for pricing. 

We also sell hatches made by Acudor and JL Industries and Maxam Metals

Call 1-855-832-8453 for more info. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Light Gauge Steel Framing Connectors

DriftClip DSLB | Exterior Bypass Slab

The Steel Network TSN DriftClip DSLB is a Light gauge steel framing connector available to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirements. Step Bushings pre-installed in vertical slots allow up to 2” vertical deflection (1” up and down). Horizontal slots accommodate 2” lateral drift (1” left and right--in-plane), with Step Bushings also pre-installed during the manufacturing process. Load tables are provided for attachment to stud. If more than 2” lateral drift is required, contact TSN engineering for more information.
IMPORTANT NOTE: DSLB 362/400 is 3.75 inch by 3.625 inches, DSLB 600 is 3.75 inches by 6 inches and DSLB 800 is 3.75 inches by 8 inches. Follow this link to purchase    Drift Clip
American Made !!   We offer FREE shipping on orders over $250.
We offer the full line of TSN light gauge steel framing connectors.1-855-832-8453

Friday, November 22, 2019

This months post is about anchors.

If you ever need to anchor rigid insulation to a masonry  structure Ebuildingproducts has the solution.

They are called PMF made by an American company called Rodenhouse. PMF stands for  plastic masonry fastener. They are simple to install. Drill a hole, insert anchor and hit it with a hammer.
There is nothing easier.

Attaches rigid continuous insulation to concrete / masonry substrates. Available in multiple lengths for foam thicknesses  of 1/2″ – 5″. Pre-drill hole with 5/16″ masonry bit, then tap flush with hammer. 2-1/4″ diameter head sits flush on insulation. Go here to buy  Rigid Insulation Anchor

Ebuildingproducts 1-855-832-8453

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fire Rated Floor Access Door

Fire Rated Floor Access Doors are available from Acudor. They have a model FRFD. This door has a 2 hour rating. The Acudor FRFD series fire rated floor doors are designed to maintain the fire rating of a 2-hour floor-ceiling assembly in interior applications. The angle frame construction with Anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. The flush aluminium diamond plate cover is provided with a U.L. listed 165-degree fusible link for automatic closing and latching in the event of smoke or fire.

You can buy the Fire Rated floor Door at our site Fire Rated floor Door FRFD
Access the data sheet/ submittal here Acudor FRFD

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